Frequently Asked Questions

What currencies do you accept?

Being UK based we prefer to deal in GB pounds but we will also accept US dollars.

How do I make a payment?

For your total peace of mind and for our security we normally use an escrow service for all financial transactions. We prefer to use the services of although if you prefer we could use them instead.

What is an escrow service?

An escrow service is an independent regulated company that stands as a middle man between two parties during a financial transaction. When purchasing a domain from us, you pay into the escrow service the price we agreed, they then hold on to the payment until they receive confirmation from you that the domain has been successfully transferred to you and you are happy with your purchase. When you confirm this, they then release the payment to us.

Is my payment safe?

Your payment is 100% secure, if you do not receive the domain you purchased then the escrow service guarantee to refund your payment in full.

How will my domain be transferred to me?

The majority of our domains are registered with the domain registrar goDaddy and if you already have an account with them then we can 'push' the domain from our account to yours in no time at all. If you don't have an account with goDaddy then its a simple matter to open an account with them and best of all its FREE!

How long will my transfer take?

As soon as the escrow service informs us that you have deposited the agreed payment with them, we will arrange the transfer of the domain to you. All we need is your goDaddy user name, we then arrange the 'push' and the domain becomes instantly yours.