2018 – The Worlds Top 20 most expensive domain names ever sold


In this list you will notice a large number of the domains are related to porn, gambling and the financial services industry. However as a very large number of domain sales are conducted in private and are bound by confidentiality contracts, lots of the very biggest deals are not reported or known. We therefore list below the top 20 domain sales where the sale price has been disclosed and made public:-

1 – Insurance.com – The biggest deal of all time unsurprisingly took place in the financial services industry, when in 2010 insurance.com was sold for a cool $35.6 million and was yet another multi-million dollar domain purchase by lead generation company QuinStreet Inc. who have three domains in this Top 20.

2 – VacationRentals.com – This deal took place in 2007 for $35 million. At the time this was the highest ever deal made to purchase any domain. Brain Sharples, the founder of HomeAway, is the new owner of this domain and admitted that he purchased it as he did not want his competitor Expedia to acquire it.

3 – PrivateJet.com – This deal came very close to become the all time highest deal ever made for a domain. This transaction happened in 2012 for a staggering $30.18 million. It was bought by Nations Luxury Transportation LLC who said they bought the domain to increase the company’s visibility in the private aviation sector, and believe the acquisition of the domain, which is expected to result in 250,000 unique visitors each month, is a “phenomenal asset” that will help the company become a world leader in the private jet-chartering sector.

4 – Sex.com – Here comes the first deal from porn industry. It was sold in November 2014 for $23 million having been previously purchased for $13 million in October 2010 an amazing $10 million profit in just four years. This domain is doing very well in its own right, as it is linked with one of the most searched keywords on all search engines.

5 – Internet.com – This deal was struck at $18 million in 2009 and is yet another savvy purchase by QuinStreet Inc. who know the true value of a super premium domain name.

6 – 360.com – The most recent multi-million dollar deal to hit the top 20, this domain was sold in 2015 for $17 million. Having been bought by Chinese security company Qihu360 to boost its global profile.

7 – Insure.com – Insure.com’s deal happened in 2009 and happens to be the second highest deal of all time for three years, when PrivateJet.com broke this record. The deal was made at $16 million. It was bought by QuinStreet Inc. a lead generation company

8 – Hotels.com – This domain was sold for $11 million in 2001, it was bought by Expedia Group and in a November 2012 interview with the BBC, David Roche the president of Hotels.com  said that when it was purchased “it was thought to be a crazy sum of money”…..”Now we look back and think, what a bargain!”

9 – Fund.com – This domain was purchased in 2008 at a whopping price of $9.99 million. It was purchased for a financial service, however, this domain is still not live. Maybe its new owner is waiting to resell this domain in near future?

10 – Porn.com – This is another entry from the porn industry. No wonder this website is doing so well and is the reason why new owner spent $9.5 million to acquire it in 2007.

11 – Porno.com – There must be some amazing money to be made in the porn industry. A Prague based company spent $8.88 million to get their hands on this domain in February 2015.

12 – Fb.com – Facebook purchased fb.com in November 2010 at a price of $8.5  million from American Farm Bureau Federation. At present this domain is redirected to www.facebook.com, but hopefully Facebook will make good use of this domain and recover the money they spent purchasing it.

13 – Business.com – This domain was sold for $7.5 million in December 1999. The next entry in this list also sold for the same amount as this deal, but as it was made seven years after this one, it’s therefore ranked below.

14 – Diamond.com – This domain was acquired in 2006 at a price of $7.5 million. This domain now is live as an online diamond shopping site. It’s really not surprising why the new owner paid a huge amount for this site; after all he is using it so sell one of the most precious substances available in the world.

15 – Beer.com – It was sold in 2004 at a price of $7 million. Thought Convergence bought it, but if you were hoping to pay it a visit for some boozy entertainment, disappointment awaits. Today the site is up for sale to the next highest bidder, I wonder who it will be?

16 – iCloud.com – Apple Inc. purchased this domain at a price of $6 million in March 2011. Apple was hunting around looking at all i-domains around the world and acquired this domain after acquiring iphone.com, which was not a big enough deal to make into this list.

17 – Casino.com – This domain was sold to Mansion Limited of Gibraltar in 2003 the deal was settled at a price of $5.5 million, however, this investment has given fabulous ROI to the new owner.

18 – Slots.com – This deal took place in 2010 and credited $5.5 million into the previous owner’s account. It was bought by Calvin Ayre of Bodog , another popular gaming website. After buying the site, he made the following justification in an interview…. “Even at $5.5 million, I’m convinced the Slots.com price was a steal. It’s the strongest gaming-related domain out there and just a very cool domain to turn into a global brand. In that regard, it certainly doesn’t hurt that we’re getting a lot of help in publicizing our brand from the sex-crazed media. The press we garnered from the initial Slots.com purchase was massive, but now every single press mention of the Sex.com sale has also mentioned Slots.com by way of comparison. There have been over 100 press mentions across the globe in the past week alone. When you look at the costs involved in fostering a brand identity on a truly global basis, the free publicity has already made up what we paid for the Slots.com domain. History will bear me out – this is one of the best deals I have ever made.”

19 – Asseenontv.com – According to some analysts, the American informercial market is a billion industry. That’s what propelled LA Group in 2000 to purchase the domain AsSeenOnTV.com for $5.1 million. As one of the most recognizable brands, LA Group bought it with the plan of turning it into the one-stop shop for all things you, well, see on TV!

20 – Toys.com – This domain also made $5.1 million in 2009 for its previous owner. This domain was sold to American toy market leader ToysRUs.

The aforementioned domains are what are termed super premium and at prices like these, they are out of reach of the vast majority of potential purchasers.  But after saying that, although a great domain name is most important, you don’t necessarily need to spend millions of dollars or pounds to purchase a premium domain which will give your business similar advantages to those enjoyed by the purchasers of the aforementioned domains.

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